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OPS242 Short Range Radar Sensor


The OPS242 is a complete short range radar sensor providing motion detection, speed, and direction reporting.  All signal processing is done on board and a simple API reports the processed data.  Flexible control over the reporting format, sample rate, and module power levels is provided.  Multiple objects can be detected and reported on at the same time including signal magnitude information.

The OPS242 module can be connected to any smart USB host (Raspberry Pi, Android device supporting USB OTG, PC, Mac) to enable an IoT sensor.  Depending on the USB host’s ability, further processing and/or communication to the cloud can be performed for further data analysis or networked action.

OPS242 Product Brief

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The OPS242 offers a complete radar sensor in a smaller form factor and FCC modular approval for ease of integration into any system.  It’s capable of reporting the motion, speed, and direction of multiple objects in its field of view up to 25m (80 ft.).  Use it for traffic monitoring, drone, and robotic system to make them more aware of their surroundings.

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