Sensing a New World


Drone Collision Avoidance

Short range radar provides collision avoidance for autonomous drone operation. Avoid buildings, power lines, and trees for safe operation and a successful return of the drone.  Use it to determine safe landing zones, avoiding large rocks or steep terrain.

Robotic Direction Sensing

Service robots can better detect their surroundings, avoiding obstacles, stairs, and humans while they go about getting their job done. Our short range radar sensors make robots smarter and more reliable, avoiding the pitfalls of everyday life.

IoT Traffic Monitoring

Short range radar sensors give IoT systems a chance to “see” the world around them. Monitor traffic patterns in a garage, in front of a store, or mall.  Utilize the information for improved operations or to increase sales.

OmniPreSense provides short range radar sensors for drones, robotics, and IoT systems.  Our sensors can provide motion detection, speed, direction, and range information allowing your system to “see” the world around it.

Detect motion in the field of view.

Report very accurate speed of objects detected.

Understand which direction objects are moving.

Determine how far it is to objects in front of the system.

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